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Jane Iredale colour chart


Circle Delete Colurs


Circle Delete Colours

Cover care colours


Cover Care Colours

Matt colourless powder


Pure Matte Finish Powder

Pressed Powder :: Loose Powder :: Liquid Minerals



Neutral Base colours


Neutral Shades



Warm base shades


Warm Shades



Cool Shades


Cool Shades




Global Shades


Global Shades



Disappear tattoo cover colours


Disappear Tattoo Cover



Blusher colours

Cool Shades for blushers



Blusher shades

Warm Shades for blushers


Cream to powder blush.

Cream to Powder for
Cheeks, Eyes & Lips


Jane Iredale lid primers

For Eyes
Eye Lid Primers


 Liquid Eye Liner

Eye Believe Liquid Eye Liners


Pure Moist Lip Colours


PureMoist Lip Colours


Lip Spheres


PureMoist™ LipSheres


Pure Gloss lip spheres


PureGloss™ for Lips


Lip pencil colours


Lip Pencils


 4 in 1 box. Lip glos, eye shadow and blusher




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